Whether you are building a brand/company from scratch or just need a single project – from graphic design to the website – I will carry out any of your orders! I create a comprehensive brand image (logos, advertising graphics) and modern websites!


Logotype of Maksymilian Wilandt's Primary School in Darzlubie

strony www

Ridge Restoration | Strony WWW |

Americano Barber Shop | Brand identity

Wisla-Jablunkov cities logo

EkoBieszczady | Brand identity

Oculus Glass | Strony WWW |

Wolf Technoprojekt | Leaflet

Gmina Puck | Logotype

Centrum Wycen i Analiz | Strony WWW |

Centrum Wsparcia Pediatrycznych Badań Klinicznych | Logotype

Małopolska Kancelaria Majątkowa | Logotyp

Ewelina Lewandowska-Lewicka – Radca Prawny | Strony WWW |

Fotobudka Rzeszów | Business card

Magnificat | Leaflet

MultiMed Brzesko | Strony WWW |

Tapety Strukturalne | Strony WWW |

Americano Barber Shop | Strony WWW |

Fundacja Galicja Semper Fidelis | Logotyp

Creativity and professionalism

I specialize in creating a brand image and advertising graphics - from small to medium-sized companies, through cafés and restaurants, to bloggers and start-up projects. I also create modern websites!




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