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Andrzej Chmiel
+48 730 114 782


1) Write to me, explain what your order is, what you expect and how the project should look like. If the order is to create a brand image, I will ask questions, just let me know. 
2) Once all the details of the project are agreed, we will determine the terms of payment, contract and settlement. We settle with a contract for work or I prepare an invoice for the provided service. The decision is yours!
3) Now is the time for an advance. You are required to pay an advance (10% of rate) in case you cancel the contract. Since I run an online business, I need to secure myself from unexpected loss of contact or resignation, to ensure that my time is not wasted. 
4) During the creation process, I will send you the project for review so that you can make some changes or give me comments and suggestions. 
5) Get your finished project. Pay the rest of rate (after deducting the advance payment) and receive the project in any file extension you need.

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